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It's hard to be a dieter. You want to lose weight, but it doesn't seem like anything is working. If you're at your wit's end and feeling discouraged, there is hope!

Omega Weight Loss Center specialists have helped transform the lives of patients across the country. We provide you with an individualized weight loss plan to treat the weight management and the obesity epidemic medically, non-surgically, and nutritionally. We focus on the patient's physical, mental, and social factors, providing treatment for your overall health.

Bariatric surgeon Dr. Duane A. Fredericks provides the best weight loss programs with a talented staff consisting of nutrition specialists and patient care experts. Our support network ensures all patients receive excellent support and informed advice from our medical providers, dietitians, and support groups to get the most out of their journey to healthier living.

Here are five benefits Omega Weight Loss offers: 

  1. Our methods take less time than surgical procedures;
  2. We can achieve the same results as invasive methods;
  3. It won't cost you as much as a surgical procedure;
  4. The risks involved with these treatments are minimal to none;
  5. It will feel good knowing that you did something about your problem without resorting to drastic measures such as surgery or shots.

Let us help you change your life for the better!

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