We Are Here To Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals!

We now know that Obesity is a multifocal chronic disease and multiple modalities are needed to combat this disease. For decades “Eat less and exercise more” was the conventional wisdom on obesity and weight loss treatment. Today, treating obesity as a chronic disease means the goal is no longer losing weight for the sake of weight loss rather, obesity treatment should now concentrate on helping patients lose a sufficient amount of weight to improve or reverse obese-related complications.

At Omega Weight Loss Center, we manage this disease in a multifactorial method. We manage this weight loss both surgically (LAGB, RnYGB, and Sleeve Gastrectomy) as well as medically supervised weight loss. Research has shown that losing 5-10 % of individual body weight can significantly improve the obese patient’s health. At the Omega Weight Loss Center, we recognize that surgery is only a tool but to achieve adequate weight loss and to maintain it, one ultimately has to eat better in order to do better. We focus on helping a patient achieve permanent lifestyles changes that will increase their chances of succeeding, and maintaining, long term weight loss.

We have a team of medical professionals who understands this disease and can treat this condition in a variety of ways Surgically, Medically, dietary, behaviorally and physical activity is needed to achieve weight loss success. In essence at Omega, we treat your Mind, Body, and Soul.