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At Omega Weight Loss Center we recognize that surgery is only a tool and in order to achieve adequate weight loss one ultimately has to eat better in order to do better.  We focus on helping a patient achieve permanent lifestyles changes that will increase their chances of succeeding long term weight loss.  We have a multidisciplinary team who understands this disease and can treat this condition in a variety of ways surgically, medically, dietary, behaviorally, and by physical activity that is needed to achieve weight loss success.  In essence, at Omega, we treat your Mind, Body, and Soul.

We manage this disease both surgically (LAGB, RnYGB, and Sleeve Gastrectomy) as well as medically supervised weight loss. Research has shown that losing 5/10 % of individual body weight can significantly improve the obese patient’s health.

Service and Pricing

Initial Consultation & Follow-up: Out-of-Pocket Rate (OOP) $450
Lipo Lean Shots
Body Composition Analysis
Metabolic Detox
IV Hydration Therapy

Contact us today for pricing. We do accept major insurance carriers. Check our FAQ to see which ones insurance carriers we accept.

Omega Weight Loss Center Referral Program

Did you know that you can receive a $50 credit every time you refer family and friends!

Introducing our referral program—a way to say thank you to everyone who recommends our services. When someone you know comes in for an initial consultation service, we’ll give you a $50 credit that you can use on either a Support Packages or one (1) Monthly Body Composition Analysis.

So what are you waiting for? Start spreading the word and help us continue providing life-changing services to others.

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